As a wholly owned subsidiary of FM Global, Affiliated FM offers retail clients access to the well-established FM Global WorldReach® network. Consisting of a unique combination of insurance products and services offered around the world, this valuable network supports middle-market retailers as they grow their business globally. Affiliated FM helps clients expand internationally by providing:


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Contract certainty through a worldwide master/underlyer program

Locally admitted policies + a global master policy = consistent, legally admitted coverage that retail clients need.

Each country has unique regulations and business practices. The master/underlyer approach offers locally admitted polices, which meet the requirements of each jurisdiction, combined with a master policy that fills the gaps that local policies may not be able to address. The result is a program that clients can understand.

First, a local policy is issued in the country where the client has a location. Depending on the country, this policy may be an Affiliated FM policy or a WorldReach® Partner policy issued by a local insurance company with whom Affiliated FM has an agreement. These local policies are admitted and meet the requirement of the local jurisdiction. The key is to provide coverage an admitted basis, because this allows for losses to be paid in local currency, and helps avoid potential penalties or other unfavorable ramifications.

Second, a proVision360 master policy acts as the legally admitted policy for the domestic locations and also provides a difference-in-conditions (DIC) provision to fill any gaps in coverage the local underlyer policy may not be able to cover due to local standards. The master policy is designed to provide consistent coverage for locations around the globe.

All of this is managed and underwritten by each client’s local production underwriter—making it easy for clients to get the coverage they need.


Compliance expertise

The international insurance regulatory environment can be treacherous. Affiliated FM is uniquely positioned to help manufacturing clients with compliance.

A mix of experience, leveraged partnerships and third-party consultation equips Affiliated FM to work with retail clients with international property programs. A dedicated team of global service professionals allows an understanding of each country’s unique requirements. This knowledge is collected in “country sheets,” which guide production underwriters in properly placing business in countries where clients are located. Our global service personnel also maintain relationships with insurance carriers in these countries so that they can ensure policies are issued according to market requirements.


Consistent loss-control engineering

Property hazards don’t discriminate based on country, so why should your loss prevention strategies?

Affiliated FM retail clients have access to a network of more than 1,300 highly-trained engineers located in markets where they do business. These resident engineers work with local distribution center personnel to identify hazards. Account engineers help clients prioritize global hazards and collaborate with the resident engineers to implement cost-effective, practical loss prevention practices. This ensures a consistent risk management approach is being applied to retail clients’ growing global business investments.