When choosing a service provider, whether it be a lawyer, accountant or technology consultant, you look for a partner with the necessary expertise to deliver value to your business. Affiliated FM is that partner for your commercial property insurance. Our business is property insurance—and only property insurance. This offers you access to an insurance market that is:

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Capable of offering creative solutions

Years of experience allow Affiliated FM underwriters and engineers to look past the obvious, helping clients achieve their goals in creative yet practical ways.

When you partner with Affiliated FM you’ll be teamed up with a production underwriter and account engineer who are solely focused on developing underwriting and property loss prevention solutions. Real-world experience and countless hours of classroom training prepare them to uniquely partner with you to develop practical solutions that meet your needs.    

See how this prospective client leveraged Affiliated FM expertise to improve their risk profile and protect their business from loss.


Driven to be the best

We work hard to bring value to our clients. To see how we are performing, we asked a third-party consulting firm to talk to our brokers.

As a monoline property insurer, we must be the best at what we do or risk becoming irrelevant. We recently conducted a survey of some of our broker partners to see how we are doing.

The benchmark survey compares similar service providers. To rate as a strategic partner, the survey participant must agree that the relationship is one that is mutually beneficial and aligned towards achieving a common goal. The consulting company we partnered with indicated that this was the highest percentage of strategic partners they had ever experienced.


Committed to a long-term approach

It’s easy to lose perspective in a volatile world. Providing stability and consistency has been a key to our success.

The commercial property insurance market can be a volatile one. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks and investment income uncertainties can make for an uncomfortable business environment.  Affiliated FM embraces these realities and stays focused on the long term, seeing beyond any immediate volatility. In fact, during the most recent market disturbances (Hurricane Katrina and the 2008 stock market crash), Affiliated FM maintained the course, increasing products, services and capacity available to clients.


Dedicated to the market

Short-term thinking focuses on short term profit; Affiliated FM looks to create value over the long haul.

It’s a common insurance industry practice to move capital between business units to take advantage of the greatest opportunity for profit. Affiliated FM commits 100 percent of its resources to serving clients’ property insurance needs. Client premium dollars are not being used to finance other growth businesses; rather, they are used to reinvest in products and services that provide meaningful value to the relationship.