Turn Downtime Into Skill Time

If there’s anything history has taught us, it’s that risk doesn’t necessarily slow down when business does. To be resilient, one must always look for ways to be proactive against loss that can be prevented. 

If you are faced with unexpected downtime as a result of the coronavirus pandemic—or if your in-person training plans have been halted—consider the free remote learning opportunities accessible in the AFM Training Center. They are available to you, your clients and their contractors and third-party service providers. 

Pandemic teachings

In Protecting Your Idle Facilities During COVID-19, individuals will learn what actions can be taken to maintain adequate fire protection systems, manage hot work, mitigate equipment breakdown and more during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Similarly, multiple 10-minute recordings in the Learning Chat webinar series explore how facilities can stay resilient in these challenging times. Areas of focus include emergency response, loss of utilities, housekeeping and operator training. 

To further stretch your clients’ risk management budgets while minimising loss, view these other popular courses: 

  • Managing Hot Work Using FM Global's Hot Work Permit System
  • Managing Impairments Using FM Global's Red Tag Permit System
  • Inspecting Fire Protection Valves
  • Hazard Identification 

Learning never stops

Implementing appropriate property loss prevention measures during pandemic conditions can reduce the likelihood of damage to clients’ facilities, helping site operations return to normal as soon as possible. To ensure your clients are prepared, visit training.affiliatedfm.com today.

You can also explore the Training and Education section of AFM’s public website to learn about other learning opportunities, including policy workshops and customised on-site training. Speak with your account team to be considered for AFM’s annual broker training events—the Broker Engineering Forum and Property Insurance Essentials class.