Industrial equipment


AFM insures dozens of occupancies—everything from offices to nursing homes, processing plants, restaurants and universities. AFM's experienced and knowledgeable engineers are experts at identifying loss drivers for specific industries and helping our clients mitigate them. And our production underwriters are skilled at helping you and your broker craft a policy tailor-made for your business. AFM coverage can be customised to cater to the needs and challenges specific to your business by adding one or more endorsements to your proVision® policy.

Policy & Endorsement Overviews
Learn more about our core form and Master Policy Endorsement, which extends coverage worldwide, and our five industry-specific endorsements.

Below, we've compiled information on coverages that are key to the largest industries we serve: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Real Estate and Education.


Manufacturing clients compete in a global market full of both opportunity and risk. As technologies advance and markets become more vast, supply chains become more and more complex. AFM's account teams help manufacturing clients identify and eliminate property exposures, implement service plans, and craft a policy that will help keep their business operational in the event of a loss. When an exposure can't be eliminated, we offer manufacturing clients a risk-transfer product that is second to none. Our proVision policy provides coverages that are uniquely valuable to manufacturing clients, such as brand protection, property in transit, and disruption of normal movement of goods and materials. For details about AFM coverage, click the PDF link below.

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Real Estate

Real estate owners and managers face the unique challenge of balancing high investor returns and tenant satisfaction. In real estate, every decision has to come from a careful analysis of cost/benefit. And AFM is all about helping you achieve a long-term competitive advantage. With the Real Estate Endorsement added to our proVision policy, you can be sure you are getting the ideal cost/benefit balance for your real estate business. For a full list of customised real estate coverages and relevant proVision coverages, click the PDF link below.

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Hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare providers not only face a unique set of exposures, but also contend with unparalleled consequences in the event of a disastrous event. When loss does occur, healthcare providers need to get back to work as soon as possible to provide the necessary care to those in need. These unique conditions call for a unique policy, designed to give healthcare providers coverage that works as hard as they do. For a full list of customised healthcare coverages and relevant proVision coverages, click the PDF link below.

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Retail businesses operate in a highly competitive environment. If disaster strikes, property loss can mean a massive loss in profits, and businesses can lose their foothold in the retail market. As a retail business, you rely heavily on a chain of suppliers and distribution networks to keep up with consumer demand. Our Retail Endorsement combined with our standard proVision policy are carefully crafted to maximise your resilience in the event of a supply chain disruption or property loss. For a full list of customised retail coverages and relevant proVision coverages, click the PDF link below.

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Schools and universities work hard to provide students with a first-class education in a well-maintained environment. In maintaining a comfortable learning environment for students and educators, higher education institutions have to consider inherent exposures such as seasonal tuition income, personal property of others, research & development, and dozens of additional factors. AFM has the engineering expertise to help educational institutions identify and eliminate potential property exposures and risk factors. With our proVision Education Endorsement, when covered property loss does occur, you'll have the right measures and policy coverages in place to minimise disruption and get back to providing students with a valuable education experience. For a full list of customised education coverages and relevant proVision coverages, click the PDF link below.

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International Insurance Programs

AFM knows that there cannot be a 'one-size-fits-all' solution. Our flexible, global programs all serve a common purpose: providing technical expertise, legal coverage, and quick claims settlement.

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